Monday, April 25, 2011

I Miss All My Kids

I thought it'll be a happy-ending story when it comes to the end of my practicum.
Yeah, no more
- long-handwritten lesson plans,
- educational journals,
- reports,
- reflections,
- driving myself crazy thinking of super-creative and innovative teaching aids etc.
But eventually it's not.
It ended with pain and tears.
To leave everything there.
I am too sentimental, maybe.
But honestly I miss all of them.
And this morning I kept looking on my watch during lectures.
8.50 am.
"Oh, I supposed to be with 4 Ikram in the lab right now."
10.30 am.
"Oh, I supposed to be with 4 Mawaddah in the lab right now."

I miss them all. I miss all my wonderful kids back in SMK Agama Kedah.

To all my beloved kids especially 4 Ikram & 4 Mawaddah - don't panic!

Will share my precious moments as a teacher soon - I hope I have time for it.
Post-practicum is busier than I expect.
Oh Allah, please give me strength.