Sunday, April 28, 2013

Teachers Aren't The Main Factor of Success, But Without Them....

Hormatilah gurumu, walau bagaimana pun dia.
Muliakanlah gurumu, walau dia tidak seberapa.
Doakanlah gurumu, walau dia tidak meminta.
Kenanglah gurumu, walau dia tidak mengharapkannya.

Kerana dengan adanya dia,
Kau menerima secebis dari luasnya ilmu Tuhan.

Kerana adanya dia,
Kau belajar mengenal sesuatu di depan mata
Kau diberi pencerahan tentang banyak perkara.

Sehebat mana pun dirimu
Tidak bererti tanpa redha seorang guru.

Ajarlah anak-anakmu pula menghormati guru.
Agar generasi hadapan membangun dalam keberkatan ilmu.
Agar redha Allah, tiada hijab untuk menaungi hidupmu!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Busy Period

March and April aren't always for me.
Super-packed, tiring couple of months.
My days full with school events, outstation, meetings,
extracurricular activities, sports events, district events, extra classes,
exams, results management, courses, making endless analysis,
keying in lots of data with snail-speed government's website,
and the list goes on.
Days and nights at school.
Rarely have free weekend.
That's the reality of being a teacher nowadays.
Especially at boarding school, MRSM, SMKA.
And this year is tougher for me.
As I have to juggle between all those activities listed,
and my SPM and PMR classes.
And being a single lady in a school is never easy.
People assume that you don't have any commitment at home.
So the workload is coming continuously to you.
Just smile, keep calm and try to do the very best.
Try not to complain.
Always remind yourself to do everything for the sake of Allah.
This is what we called natural anti-aging principle, hehe.
So far I enjoy doing all those stuffs.
But still hoping for a better day, week, month and year.
Insya Allah.

p/s : Secretly wishing for a leisure Saturday morning, really wants to eat nasi lemak kerang at Taman Lake View Taiping!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Everywhere You Go, You'll Feel Like Home

Make any place you go like your own, so you'll never feel like a foreign atom in an alloy.
I went to Parit Gabis, Bagan Serai - mom-in-law of a friend's place.

 This is opah's place. I called her opah as her grandchildren do,
so that I'd a strong feeling that this opah is not much different than mine back at home.

 Have you ever eat 'tempurung kelapa' cecah sambal kicap?
Opah introduced me this.

 Have you ever eat 'timun betik'? It's not sweet, just had a plain taste.
And I loved it!!!

I love bahulu ikan so much. It's just ikan in shape, not the taste.
Thank you opah! Till we meet again insyaAllah!