Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's Iqra'!

Bring me to shopping complex or factory outlet.
I don't care about branded, hundreds-ringgit handbags.
I don't care about branded glittering shoes.
I don't care about branded, the most up-to-date-in-the-planet tops, blouses, skirts.
I don't care about embroidered, "blink-blink", 360 degree-turning-around-you shawls. 
OK, I might care a little bit when I see abayas.
But if I see bookstore, then I'll completely immerse in it!
I love reading so much. 
And I love seeing orderly-arranged stack of books on the shelves in my room.
The mathematical formula for reading is easy.
Reading = gaining knowledge = getting the most precious thing which much more expensive than any kind of wealth in this world!
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving me chance to go to Habibi Book Fair twice.
Yup, it's just a mini book fair.
Not as giant as Big Bad Wolf or the annually International Book Fair in PWTC.
But I just simply love to go there.
Hunting for my next collections of inspiring reading material. 
And surely with surprisingly bigggggg discounts!
Let's iqra' everyone.
Read. Read. Read.
To be a better slave of Allah and better worker of our Deen.

 I grabbed them all at Habibi Book Fair Parit Buntar. With quite a huge cut of price, I am happily adding my collection! Oh that's my 10th Anis Ayuni's novel, collecting hers since 2002.

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Privilege For Us

Don't feel bitter when people remember us only when they need us.

Feel privileged that we are like a candle.

We come to their mind when they're in the dark.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Back In My Apron!

After for quite a long time I didn't cook proper meal, today is the day! Yeayyy!
Having a long weekend is a total bliss for me.
School is off for two days to give room for the Perak Archery Tournament 2013.
So I am enjoying myself these days, doing house chores heavenly!
I do love staying at home and do cleaning, washing, cooking (secretly wishing to be a full time housewife!)
Living alone, so I only cook something really simple for my normal days.
Drinking a mug of hot Milo with peanut butter toast for dinner are just enough.
And today I have chance to cook.
Blackpepper fried beef, spinach + mushroom soup, onion omelette.
Eating alone?
Nooo..with my beloved kakaks at work.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Total Loss

Last 2 weeks I dropped by at Bagan Serai Mosque for Maghrib prayer.
I was on my way back from Tanjung Piandang fetching up students from Chess Tournament.
If I just made my way home straight away, I might perform Maghrib very late.
So I decided to stop.
And I reached mosque by the time of azan, so I got chance to solat berjemaah.
Tears ran down throughout my solat, zikr and du'a.
I felt like Allah came nearer to me, giving all His love and tender.
And this is what I sought for so long.
I'd lost my own soul.
Lost in never-ending worldly business.
And that is a total loss of myself.
I missed to perform solat berjemaah frequently like I did with my friends during my study time.
I missed to attend usrah.
I missed to pray to Allah with my whole heart submitting only to Him.
I missed to memorize my favourite Surahs in al-Quran.

Ya Allah
I feel like I am the most useless person.
How far this world has dragged me far away from You.
Please bring me back Ya Allah
Give me strength to restructure my life back
I really need Your guidance