Monday, August 26, 2013

We Can Never Buy Our Good Old Days

Sometimes, reminiscing is hurt.
You don't even realize tears run down when your memory is working hard to remember your past.
Your good old days.
Which you left them far behind.

Memories, never die.
Future, never be seen.

The five of us at Hyde Park, London, during the beginning of autumn, a few hours after we landed safely in the UK, back in September 2007.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Boleh ke Doa Macam Ni?

Ya Allah
Aku merayu kepadamu
Elakkanlah aku dari bertemu dengan insan-insan
Yang hanya akan mendatangkan
Perasaan marah dan benci
Sedang aku tidak berhak untuk marah dan membenci
Kurangkanlah urusanku dengan insan-insan
Yang hanya akan menggalakkan
Aku berprasangka di dalam hati
Dan lidahku pula mengucap kata yang hanya membawaku kepada dosa
Sedang aku sendiri tidak sempurna
Dan banyak celanya
Aku mohon sesungguh hati dari-Mu Ya Allah
Ampunkanlah hamba-Mu yang kerdil lagi lemah ini
Ya Aziz Ya Ghaffar

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Exam Festive!

SPM Trial Examination 2013.
August 28 till September 12.
Means that
a plain and blur young lady who is in charge of school's SPM management
is now launching the celebration of,
keying in thousands of exam data
sleeping on keyboard with Lembaga Peperiksaan's website still appears on the screen at 3 am
running here and there around school looking for Heads of Panels for students' marks (well, this is what we called burning extra unwanted fats without having to do 5 laps of jogging in 400 m track)
printing and photocopying endless documents until the machine gets jammed or out of ink
busy distributing schedules, forms, namelists
immersing herself in bundles of questions papers in Exam Management Room
charging her phone everywhere she is as it keeps beeping and ringing all the time
shouting with the highest pitching voice (without microphone) to the kids in the Exam Hall to ensure all the desks are in correct order
marking her own 60 heads x 2 papers = 120 booklets of Chemistry papers very carefully
being the best friend of SAPS systems
making endless results analysis
attending post-trial meetings
creating innocent face if condemned by school admin when the results are not as expected
losing her appetite
not forgetting
praying to her kids days and nights
hoping that they'll do well in exams insya Allah.

Despite of all the hustles
that plain and blur young lady loves her job so much
she just has to stay focus
and sort all of her work out
and of course
everything won't be easy and smooth
without the help from Allah
she doesn't want to ask for more
when Allah gives her extra strength to stand still everyday
that's more than enough

Rabbi yassir wala tu'assir.