Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Need Strength

...when it comes to the time, I feel like I'm a useless teacher. 
Especially when the outcomes are not as they supposed to be.
Like I did nothing before with the kids, like I never teach,
like I totally ignore them.
I just can't help myself from hating this situation.

How do you feel
when you face with students whom you know they have excellent brains,
they have very good attitude and never being rude to you,
except for being lazy and love to give endless irrelevant excuses all the time,
for not performing well in academic.
I know, academic isn't everything.
But you're living in a meritocracy world,
so what do you expect?

Sometimes I am just tired to give motivational approach to them
when it's just like pouring water to the oily surfaces.

teacher shouldn't give up, right?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Borderless Ukhuwwah

Happy Teacher's Day, comrades!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Little Munchkins Who Always Made My Day

Naqib and Shuhaim.
These two little munchkins always made my days.
One is a son of Biology teacher.
One is a son of Chemistry teacher.
Both of them are just perfect pair of friends.
Both are clever.
Able to talk endlessly.
Both are behaving well.
Easy to control them.
Both are genius.
They may ask.....anything!!!
Both are PAS supporters! 
They know politics, OK.
May both of you - Akib and Adik - grow up as 
 good slaves of Allah and
good workers for Islam.
I always told them both,
"Allah loves good boy"
Kak Lyn loves you Akib and Adik!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Bulan Mengambang Penuh

Ya Allah Kau berkatilah dan berilah kemenangan yang diberkati kepada perjuangan Islam.
Ya Allah Kau tumbangkanlah segala kezaliman dan kebatilan.
Ya Allah jadikanlah kami hamba yang sentiasa beroleh redha dan maghfirah-Mu.